Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an...

Ancient Mew??? Seriously?

Instead of the violently glowing green jerseys Smunch's team wore last year, this year's team got blue. Blue the color of Smunch's eyes, with a big navy-colored stripe down one side. Much better, in my opinion. It's a great color on him, even if it's not exactly fierce or masculine.Although the team color is much improved, the team name could have used a little more parental guidance...also my opinion. And, at the risk of offending Pokemon fans worldwide, I'll concede that it totally bugs me to have the team named after a cartoon character that's already had the hell merchandised out of it. So, Smunch is now a proud member of the Pokemon Ancient Ancient Mew is pictured at the top of the post. Whatever.

Today was the Ancient Mews' first game and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Smunch has improved a ton since last year. Unfortunately, that means he's twice as intense about it. When he's not actually in the game, he can't stay in his seat. Not only is there a constant running commentary on the game, but he's bouncing around the sideline and often onto the field. He's a lousy sportsman, keeping constant, vociferous track of the score.

He scored two goals in today's win against a strange amalgamation of a team...which included two players from the team that was supposed to play, but forfeited (I guess their parents didn't get the message) and a bunch of players from "Shark Attack" (they were navy and white, not blue and red) who decided to stay and play another game after their first one was over. Final score, 7-4.

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