Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beach landing

Well, it was a very gentle landing. We spent our first day in San Diego hanging around Aunt Karen's house and swimming in their neighborhood pool. It was mellow. It was fun. But we were working our way up to more exciting things. Our first step to exciting things was a visit to the beach on Monday. The beach is always great and this time I even remembered to go at the beginning of our trip. You know, just in case we needed to go again before we left. The kids have so much fun and I think the adults had fun too! Mam couldn't wait to get in the water...obviously.It was beautiful and sunny. A wee bit too breezy if you were wet...and we all got wet. The kids didn't really seem to mind though. Smunch met another 6-year-old named William, who was easily twice Smunch's size, and they started a big digging project on the beach. The ol' Rec Specs again coming in handy.And Spencer? Well, he thought perhaps sand was the perfect place to practice some yoga and perfect his downward facing dog pose.

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