Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The main attraction

Today is Smunch's first day of first grade. I had to stick around for quite a while trying to recruit volunteers for the "Spring Event", which is an undisclosed festivity on an undetermined day next Spring. So, I sent Mam on a playdate with her Sarah. Now I'm home. I'm alone. It's weird. I can blog sitting down. The only sound is the whirr of the dryer. Weird. I haven't even decided if it's good weird or sad weird.

Anyway, back to our San Diego trip. On Tuesday, we went for our big trip to Sea World. We'd already played it up quite a bit. We go to San Diego every summer, so we only do one big theme park each year and this was it. I knew one of my friends was in San Diego with her kids, but they were doing the whole shebang...Sea World, San Diego Zoo, LegoLand, Disneyland. Imagine my surprise when we ran right into them first thing when we entered the park!Those of you who know me, probably know I'm not particularly given to shrieking, but exciting surprises bring that out in me. Poor Sonia got shrieked at, right as she was trying to ask the docent a question about Shamu. How rude of me. But how fun to see them! And it was especially terrific to see her little boy Thomas who'd been hospitalized for dehydration from a nasty stomach bug just a week or so earlier. It was great to know he was better and up for this big adventure even after dropping 5 pounds off his little frame.

The kids were absolutely mesmerized by the Shamu show. They couldn't believe just how big killer whales really are. It made me a little teary seeing the whole thing through their eyes. It's so different to go with children for whom this is all so magical.Although we sat at the top of the "splash zone", we didn't get wet at all...making for a very disgruntled Smunch, but happy parents. The kids went on Elmo's Flying Fish ride. Mam still hasn't stopped talking about it. It's a pretty simple, low-key ride, but I think it was a big highlight for her. I rode with her, so the only photo I have is of Smunch and Daddy in their "angel fish".The kids got a little wetter at the dolphin show, but I think it was still kind of a disappointment to them...even if the dolphins themselves were really cool.Then, Smunch got what he really go on one of the "big rides". Sadly, Mam was just a smidge too short for this one, so she got stuck hanging out with me, while Smunch and Daddy got soaking wet.
Instead, Mam got to go handle star fish and later found a way to get all soaking wet all on her own. Fortunately, in a moment of rare brillance, we thought to bring extra clothes. Sea World was almost undoubtedly the highlight of the trip, especially for Mam and me. Daddy and Smunch may have a different take on it since their next two days were pretty exciting too.

Sea World. Outrageously expensive to get in. Worth every penny.

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