Saturday, August 16, 2008

A change of opinion

Some of you may remember my last experience with sending Smunch to camp. It was painful. It was so painful, in fact, that I didn't send him to camp at all last summer. The mere mention of the word "camp" had him saying "NO!!" while the 'puh' was still on my lips. It was bad.

Somehow, I convinced him that a sports camp might be right up his alley. In fact, I didn't really have to do any convincing at all. He really wanted to go. And it turned out that a few of his friends were going to the same camp. It included soccer, baseball and basketball. He's all over all those sports.

After his second day at this camp, I picked him up and unprompted he said, "I just LOVE this camp!"And clearly he did! Not only that, but he managed not to lose his brand new "Rec Specs" that I just paid a fortune for.

This experience was a success on so many levels, it's just crazy. Too bad I didn't just sign him up right at the beginning of the summer and get him interested in other camps later on!

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