Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baseball and more sogginess

Smunch had been looking forward to Thursday all week. Despite the fact that he's not a huge Padres fan (or at least he wasn't) and the Padres were playing the Milwaukee Brewers, he couldn't wait to go to another Major League Baseball game. To make things even more exciting, they had great seats (it was 2 for 1 day) and Daddy agreed to take him on the Coaster (the train that goes down the coast) with a transfer to the trolley.

I don't think the day could have gone better for them. They had great seats in the shade, the weather was lovely and the Padres won, which was a first for Smunch...having 'his' team win. He was on the edge of his seat the whole time.and he was thrilled beyond words by the time he got home. I had to pretend I hadn't looked up the score, just so he could tell me.

Meanwhile, back in Rancho Bernardo...or wherever...Mam and I went to watch Spencer's gymnastics class, then went out to lunch, where Mam met a nice Sheriff who clearly liked little kids. He went out to his car and brought them all deputy sheriff badges. Very cute!Spencer fell asleep on the way home, so he took an early nap while Mam played with PlayDoh and puzzles with Aunt Karen. When he got up, we all had time to go to a nearby park with a terrific water feature. It goes without saying that Mam was beside herself with joy. The wetter she can get, the better...It took Spencer a little while longer to warm up to the whole idea, especially after that nice, warm nap, but in the end I'm sure there wasn't a dry spot on either of them.One strange aside about this park is that they also have a killer playground, but it's right next to the water feature. The playstructure is huge and tall and requires climbing ladders to get to the top of the slides. Anyone see a problem with that? The ladders were somewhat treacherous and the slides, something like water slides. But that didn't stop Mam from going up and down and up and down and up and down over and over...or Spencer and Mam from convincing Aunt Karen that she really needed to go down with them. The slide wasn't wet anymore!

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