Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another "down day"

Well, it was supposed to be a down day, anyway. Having purchased tickets for Smunch and Daddy to go to the Padres' game on Thursday, we thought Wednesday would be a good day to do nothing big. For Daddy, that meant buckling Smunch into the car and going downtown to see aircraft carriers. And aircraft carriers were in abundance this year! Every year for the last three years, Daddy's gone to see the USS Midway, a retired carrier that now functions as a museum. This year, the USS Kittyhawk, the USS Ronald Reagan and another carrier were also docked down there, so it was a virtual military extravaganza for Smunch. I have pictures, but I haven't quite figured out how to get them from Daddy's gallery onto my computer, so they'll have to wait.

Meanwhile, Mam, Aunt Karen, Spencer and I went letterboxing. Coincidentally, the theme of the series we went searching for was military planes, so it was a military kind of day all around. I forgot my camera. Aunt Karen has some photos that she's promised to send my way. I'll post a few when she does. She got some really nice ones.

We made it to four letterboxes that morning, then went back for lunch and Spencer's nap. We had a nice couple of walks - Mam and Spencer actually ran and giggled the whole way on the second walk - and I got to stamp some nice stamps in my logbook, so I call that a successful kind of day!

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