Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Introducing...the Green Geckos

When we picked up Smunch's first AYSO soccer uniform a few weeks ago, I was somwhat stunned by the color. And OH what a color it is! I explained to Smunch that unlike with Little League, the teams get to pick their own names in soccer and that the name is usually related to the color of their uniforms. He gamely suggested "The Stems". Hmmm. Not bad.

Fortunately, the team chose to be called the Green Geckos, which is a whole lot cuter, although not nearly as original. Since the uniforms are one-size-fits-all, Smunch is guaranteed to be swimming in his. I'm pretty sure he could pull those shocking green socks right up to his hips if he wanted to.

As you might expect, a bunch of kindergarteners playing soccer is a lot like watching an ant swarm. Fortunately, AYSO is merciful enough that there are no weekday practices for the under 6 (U6) crowd. It's 90 minutes on Saturday afternoon...40 minutes of practice followed by a 40-minute game. That also means that all of the 24 U6 teams play at the same time, at the same school, on little mini fields with five players a side. It's quite a scene.

I don't think they technically keep score at these games, but naturally, we did. The Geckos tied with the Silver Bullets (who are PC-ly represented by a bullet train) by a score of 6-6. And Smunch even scored a goal! He was so proud...and so were we. He's still the littlest guy on the team and he's often distracted, but he's a fiesty little dude. And he had a great time. Yay!

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