Sunday, September 30, 2007

Smunch Logic

This is an approximation of a conversation I had with Smunch the other night.

Smunch: Ooooh! What am I going to get for Christmas?

Me: Uh...I dunno, Smuch. What do you want for Christmas?

Smunch: I want some more Fischertechnik, but that costs a lot of money.

Me: Hmm, well, I guess that might be a problem.

Smunch: I know! I'll ask Santa for Fischertechnik. Then won't it cost money.

Hope Santa's got some elves packaging erector sets in Germany!

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Queen Bee said...

You know what's really funny? According to my Mom, I use to say the same thing: "It's okay if it's too expensive Mommy! You don't have to buy it for me - I'll just ask Santa!"

Now I just say that to my front of our children. :)