Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rewards for Good Behavior

Yes. These are my running shoes. I even bought them for running...oh, sometime around the turn of the century. I had a brief little period of trying to make jogging fun. I failed. These shoes are not well worn. I wear them sometimes when I get on our elliptical trainer, but in the interest of complete disclosure here, I haven't visited the ol' elliptical trainer in more than a month now. I'll get back to it. I will.

On a topic that sounds completely unrelated (I'll get back to that), the frequency of Smuch's speech therapy is truly oppressive. He doesn't seem to mind it and his stuttering is currently "in remission"...if you can call it that. It's not gone, by a long shot, but it's so reduced that I remember how crazy he drives me with his incessant questions. He can't talk nearly as much when the words don't come out easily! Obviously, it's not the time to quit therapy. On Mondays Daddy and I both got with him to see his stuttering specialist for 45 minutes and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, he sees the therapist at his school. On Tuesdays, he goes for 30 minutes. On Wednesdays it's just 15 minutes. And, of course, I refuse to get to school in any way other than under my own power. It's so close to the house that it's just ludicrous to bother strapping the kids in and fighting to find a parking spot.

Anyway, I realized after our first Tuesday visit that 30 minutes doesn't even give me a reasonable amount of time to walk home (with Mam in tow) and go back again. It just means Mam gets to watch 10 minutes of Dragon Tales and then gets all pissed off because we have to leave again already and its not over yet. I figured I could go get coffee, but that would involve driving since Starbucks is just a wee bit too far to walk there and back in 30 minutes...at least when you include the time required for the Barista to work her magic. Still not willing to waste the gas and energy strapping and unstrapping. Not even for Starbucks.

BUT, I own running shoes. And wait, I own a jogging stroller too. It has never once been used for jogging, but it's been a terrific hiking stroller. That doesn't mean it can't be used for jogging though! Ah. I think I've found my solution.

So, today I dropped Smunch off with the therapist with Mam strapped in the jogging stroller. Then I jogged to Starbucks. And I did. I jogged all the way there, which suggests I'm in slightly better shape than I'd imagined, at least. Before you even think about being impressed though, you'll need to know that it probably took me five minutes to get to Starbucks, jogging very slowly. I ordered my coffee, caved and got Mam a "petite vanilla scone" and chocolate milk and then walked most of the way back to school, self-medicating most of the way. I could have jogged back, but why risk sloshing even an ounce of that precious liquid out of the cup?

This could become a habit! But don't count on seeing me at Starbucks on Wednesdays. I don't think 15 minutes will ever be long enough for more than walk around the block...or a jog around a longer block...one that doesn't make it all the way to Starbucks!

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