Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Different Kind of Toy Store

It's another day for a marathon of blog updating. It hasn't been the most eventful week and a half, but we're long overdue and it's certainly not as though *nothing* happened. For instance, on Friday, I took the kids to the dentist. That's pretty exciting, huh? Given whatever difficulties I have with either child at home, it's a little surprising just how easy they are with the dentist thing. I give some credit to the dentist and his staff, of course. They're great. It's a pediatric practice, so I guess I should expect them to be good with kids, but this is the second one we've been to and they're definitely not all created equal.

Pediatric dentistry, at least around here, seems to be a ridiculous circus in a lot of ways, these days. I arrive with my two small children, teeth freshly brushed as they so seldom are in the morning. I depart with an armload of new toothbrushes, floss, tiaras, bouncy balls, magic wands, stickers and pencils...as well as the "shades" they give the kids to protect their eyes from the bright examination light.

And, naturally, this being...well, now...there are televisions mounted in the ceiling and each child gets a pair of ear phones. I haven't got the slightest idea how they know when to open their mouths. (They certainly don't know when to keep them shut, normally.) Going to the dentist for preventative maintenance seems to have become a full-on multi-media experience. I guess it's no great wonder that the kids leave with a look of, "That was it? I didn't even get to finish the movie!"

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