Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Saturday marked the first real day of soccer for both Mam and Smunch. For Mam, it was a new experience entirely. So, in typical Mam fashion, she embraced it with gusto and became one of a beehive-worth of new and enthusiastic little soccer players in her Kids Love Soccer class.
I didn't think this was necessarily guaranteed. I had intended to sign her up for soccer with My Sarah, but there was a miscommunication and Sarah ended up in the later class. Not only that, but I found out when we arrived that Mam's new best friend from preschool, Riley, was in Sarah's class as well. I thought Mam might just implode if she had to see both of her very best friends in the whole wide world in a different class together.

But it wasn't really an issue. She had a blast at soccer and then we hung around at the park for a little while until the next class was over. She played with Riley until Riley went home and then went back to see My Sarah. They played, kindly including Smunch, until Sarah's brother was done with his class.

Saturdays are going to be fun this fall...and all about soccer. As you'll see in the next post, Saturday afternoons are reserved for AYSO, featuring some very brightly clad kindergarteners!

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