Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Sarah

I've spent the last 5 years hanging out with Smunch, a little boy who can be very sweet or an absolute terror. He talks a lot, he likes to destroy things, he doesn't really have a lot of least he has no one friend who he really loves. He doesn't get invited for a lot of playdates, although he does go to a few and seems to enjoy himself. The rules of being social still elude him. It shouldn't be a great shock to me. His father's hardly a social butterfly, but...

Imagine my surprise when I went and had a *girl* next. Generally speaking, Mam isn't all that girly. She has no particular fondness for dresses, doesn't carry her dolls around (although I caught her kissing one last night before she put it in "the line" with her copious stuffed animals), she likes pink, but she'd just as soon have a pink dress as a pink bulldozer.

Then there's Sarah.

I can't quite remember when Mam first met Sarah. It was more than a year ago and Sarah's about 4 months older, so the two really didn't have much in common at the time. Fast forward. Sarah's older brother and Smunch are on the same Little League T-ball team, so now that T-ball's up and running, Mam and Sarah see quite a bit of each other. Yesterday, walking across the field to practice, Mam chirped up "Where's my Sarah?" Well, gosh, I dunno. Maybe she's not coming today.

But moments later, Mam's Sarah arrived with her brother and grandpa. Mam went running over to greet her and the two were inseperable for the entirety of practice. Running through the field, jumping off bleachers, sliding down slides, hugging, giggling, smiling... I'd been planning to leave and go make dinner, but the playdate with Sarah was too much fun. Girls are *so* darned funny. They're already running to the bathroom to pee together.

Clearly boys and girls are made different from the very start. I don't think I've *ever* seen boys behave the way little girls do...not with each other anyway. I've seen them be that kind of friendly to girls from time to time. These photos are the culmination of about 6 playdates together over the past year. You'd think they're already best friends. I'm sure Mam is already excited about seeing her Sarah at Smunch's very first T-ball game tonight. I wonder if I'm going to get to watch any of it or if I'm going to be running around after two little girls who are attached at the hip!

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Queen Bee said...

Precious!!! That first picture is especially adorable. :)