Sunday, April 8, 2007

Off With His Ears!

I dunno. There's just something about Easter. In a lot of ways, it's not as exciting as Christmas, but it's got the same great food and it's springtime, so everything is flowery and beautiful. And the kids have to go outside, so the festivities don't get started until they're dressed and beautiful. But it has the same magical feel...a mysterious being has been to visit and left treats. Cool!

And this year, when I announced on Good Friday that we had some Easter cookies to decorate, Smunch looked at me, a smile spreading across his face, and out popped the one thing *every* mom wants to hear, but so rarely does... "You're the best, Mom!"

This morning was Easter. Smunch dressed himself. He felt compelled to do this because he'd wet his bed and he *hates* to wet his bed, so he always changes out of his PJs ASAP, hoping no one will notice. He usually trades them for dry PJs, but this morning, he traded his soggy PJs for real clothes. Wetting the bed is really unusual for him these days, but we had a babysitter last night and maybe he drank a lakes-worth of water before bed. I don't know.

So, the kids were thrilled to see the Easter Bunny left baskets brimming with candy and a trail of jellybeans all over the table. They pointed out all the eggs in the yard through the windows. Too bad their excitement quickly gave way to other emotions. Smunch got belligerent and greedy with the eggs. Mam got whiney and teary every time she couldn't find an egg. The Easter Bunny was annoyed.

Both kids have colds and they've been whiney and snotty for days. The Kleenex is piling up in the trash cans and the coughing and sneezing is ever-present. Still, the egg hunt was a success and everyone was stuffed with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, almond danish, cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, sausage and bacon...ugh, I feel sort of nauseous just typing all that stuff out!

Despite the grumpiness, there were some good photo opportunities, even of the grumpy kids! How classic is this?

Ahh...I think I need a sunny rock to lie on!

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Queen Bee said...

I'm so glad that you had the courage to type out your breakfast....I'm also glad that it was nearly identical to ours! Now I don't feel as guilty or something. Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, blueberry muffin's, pineapple, and strawberry smoothies. Of course - every*body* didn't eat every*thing*...thank goodness....but......UGH! Now *I* feel gross!!! Adorable pictures - I especially like the picture of the annoyed Easter bunny! Perfect!