Thursday, April 19, 2007

Don't Get Guished!

The following takes place between 5pm and 6pm on the day of the Sidewinder's most recent T-ball practice:

((cell phone rings in the front of a red minivan))

Mommy driver: Hello? Uh huh. That's great, but we're coming from the other direction. O.K. We'll meet you there.
(hangs up)

Smunch: Who was that?

Mommy: That was Daddy.

Smunch: Where is he?

Mommy: He's walking down Rosita. We're going to go pick him up.

Mam: Daddy's walking to Chili's!

Mommy: It would take Daddy a very long time to walk to Chili's. We're going to pick him up on Rosita.

Mam: Oh. He gonna get guished!

Mommy (trying not to laugh): I don't think he's going to get squished.

Mam. He guished like a pancake!

Mommy: He's not in the middle of the road, Mam. He knows how to be careful and not get squished.

Turning the corner onto Rosita, Mommy's best efforts at instilling a wee bit of traffic safety in her children are completely thwarted at the site of Daddy...standing smack in the middle of the road!

Maybe that guy is going to get guished...

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