Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tooth Fairy jurisdiction issues

Before we left for Chicago, just the day before Smunch's last day of school, I noticed that he finally had a loose tooth. It seems like most of his friends have already lost their first tooth and many have lost several, so this was a big deal. Shortly after I noticed his tooth was loose, I noticed that the permanent tooth was already in behind it...leading to a progressively greying tooth in the front of his mouth. It was icky. Seriously. But Smunch was excited. He tried to tell everyone he knew that his tooth was loose. About half those people couldn't understand him, either because he was stuttering or just because his articulation is so poor. Still, it was cute. It's hard to remember being quite that excited about things, so it's fun to witness it.

During our wait at O'Hare, the moment finally came. The icky grey tooth was barely held in there and Daddy reached in and picked it out.As you can imagine, this creates a little bit of a problem. Smunch lost his tooth in Chicago, but we had to make sure it arrived safely at home to put under his pillow here.

The next morning, he found two notes under his pillow with a White Sox cap (to complement the Cubs shirt we'd bought in Chicago) and a dollar coin.He was one happy camper...although he didn't recognize the dollar coin. I guess I'd failed to introduce him to one of those since he understood money.

Thank goodness Smunch doesn't have a clue what a White Sox cap goes for at the airport or the Tooth Fairy, Chicago affiliate would be in big, big trouble for setting a very bad precedent!

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