Monday, June 9, 2008

Shared Passion

Every morning, my kindergartner is the first one out the garage to get the paper...usually before Daddy and I are out of bed. He can't wait to see the Sports section. Lately, Smunch has been waking me up by running in and announcing the scores of the previous day's games. And, no, it doesn't matter which sport makes the news. Whatever's there will do. Tonight, he had me look up the results of the NCAA Divison I Softball World Series. This summer ought to be fun. I wonder how many Olympic sports he can follow at once!

Here he is poring over his favorite section with his buddy Luke, who might be as interested as he is, but it's hard to believe.

Have I mentioned that he's a bigger sports fan than anyone in our house? I might hazard a guess that he's a bigger fan than anyone on either side of the family, even...although Grandpa runs a close second...

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