Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baseball...the real kind

I'd intended to write an entire post about what fun we had at the "High A" baseball game last weekend, but I'm quickly realizing that I have more to blog about than I've got hours to do it. The tickets for this game were a fundraiser for Smunch's school and since Daddy and I had already booked a babysitter, I pawned baseball duty off on my dad, who, after all, was the assistant coach for Smunch's baseball team. I even made sure he knew some other people who were going. It took a while for Smunch to stop asking *me* everytime he had a question (which was often), but in the end, I think both Grandpa and Smunch had a good time. I had a great time too. It was a lovely evening, great company and some really tasty barbeque too!

I think this video kinda says it all...

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