Monday, June 23, 2008

Father's Day in Galena

Since we were in Woodbine for Father's Day, we didn't have a very typical celebration. I'd left the presents at home...although Daddy opened them before we left. Instead, after lunch in Woodbine, we took the kids to the not-too-far-away town of Galena. Apparently, Galena was once an important river port, but today its primary claim to fame is as the birthplace and home of U.S. Grant.Still, it's a beautiful, quaint touristy town...and the home of a whole bunch of letterboxes, but I digress...Oops. There I am digressing right there in the park!

After picking up a couple of boxes, we wandered around town with the kids, getting some ice creams, picking up some wine and chocolates for our hosts. It was pretty warm. The kids were fairly cranky, but they made it for a couple of hours. Then we called Aunt Susan and Uncle Quentin, who came and picked the munchkins up while we stayed in Galena for a nice walk in the park and dinner all by ourselves. Is that legal? A date night on Father's Day. No matter. It was really nice. And we picked up a letterbox during dinner too. Who knew?? (Well, we did, obviously.)We got back on the early side. The kids were still up. Although we'd been told there were no fireflies yet this year, I decided to check that out. Even though there weren't so many of them this year, I found a few out there, so I took the kids out to play with bugs for a little bit before bed.

I know it's kind of odd, but aside from the people there, fireflies are one of my very favorite parts about Woodbine. I'd probably go out there and play with them whether we had kids or not.

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