Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mam's Weekend

Sadly, Mam spent most of the past weekend just like this. And those were the good moments...the ones where no one was holding her little head over a bucket, she wasn't begging for more water or ice chips that would just make her vomit more. She slept. A lot.

And Daddy, like a true superhero, took care of his little Mam almost entirely on his own...largely because he knows that I get these things at least as badly as Mam and he's usually done with them in an hour. We had to cancel our sitter for Saturday night, so I joined Grandpa and Smuch at a "High-A" baseball game, while Daddy ministered care to Mam. (More on the baseball later.) He also got up with her repeatedly on Saturday night. I was awake a lot too, but he always got up. I doubt he got more than a couple of hours sleep at any one time. She was so miserable!

By Sunday afternoon, after a pointless trip to the after-hours clinic, Mam was finally keeping some liquids down. As usual with our kids, that progressed rapidly to solids and to an entire dinner. None of this wait-several-hours-after-the-first-liquids-stay-down-to-start-solids stuff.

Smunch was jealous. He was jealous of how much attention Mam got. He was jealous of her Pedialyte pops, but I think her dinner capped the whole thing off. Complaints about his tummy started rolling in.

Thankfully, Mam was back to her Mam-like self by Monday...just in time for her end-of-year park party for school! And Smunch is fine, of course!

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