Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Great Sale....ON NOW!!!

Once Mam perked up a little from her horrible weekend stomach bug, she and Smunch put together a shoe store. They had one whopper of a shoe sale going, complete with the babe standing at the corner, swinging an arrow sign as an advertisement.Then there was a warm welcome at the door (to the playroom)....and a fantastic selection of boys and girls shoes, tastefully displayed and all at 20 percent off! Who could resist?Unfortunately, the sales clerk wasn't really up on making change, so my pink polka-dotted tennies and Daddy's nice brown dress shoes each cost $20 instead of the aforementioned sale price.
Still, it was so darned cute and something they'd done completely on their own, together, that I don't think we minded the mark-up. However, we're both finding the shoes a little tight and altogether sort of, well...used.

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