Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Daze

On the day just before the great panic attack, which has now subsided into a dull depression, we had a really fantastic time with friends from school out at Happy Hollow. I need to remember just how much difference it makes to take a day off and do something relaxing that the kids really love.

Our trip to the park was the result of a cancelled playdate the prior week, so we met the moms and kids of two other families there. Smunch is big buddies with one of the other little boys and hopefully, he's now feeling friendlier with the other one too. Mam is on friendly terms with one of the younger brothers, who is her age. The other little boy has a big sister and she was all over that. It was a lot like herding cats. It was hard to keep track of all six kids at any one time. But it was so much fun! In so many ways, the rigamarole of school, speech therapy and occupational therapy every week, with the addition of PONY baseball and a little gymnastics has been really draining. This one little trip was more rejuvenating than I could have imagined.It was a day when no one cared if Gavin stuttered. There was no homework to do, no shopping trips to be cajoled into, no rooms to clean up or things more important than having fun.

Unfortunately, the ride I like to refer to as "the snail-go-round" was closed, supposedly for repairs. But I know they'll be auctioning it off in July when they close the park for renovations. I'm bummed that after multiple measurements and a lot of wishful thinking, a carousel just won't fit in our backyard and the snail-go-round probably isn't set up in such a way that we could power it with solar panels, huh? I took one of my first favorite photos of Smunch on this ride. I included it in my last Happy Hollow post. Hard to believe that was almost a year ago already.

The kids were also thrilled to get to see this guy up close. Here begins their interest in entomology. They love telling everyone how they saw a Tiger Swallower. Uh. yeah.

We rounded out our super fun day with some fun for Mommy. Because wouldn't you know it? There's a letterbox within easy walking distance of the park entrance. Ha! Even the kids seemed to think that was pretty cool!

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