Monday, April 7, 2008

True confession: I love my house

At many times of year, including the winter we've just come from, I forget why in the world we moved here. I wonder what possessed us to spent a ridiculous amount of money on a house we were so convinced was our dream house.

It's got some crappy layout issues. I hate to admit that the kitchen that so many people have's really not our taste. Never was. And although the layout is great, the range is more of a beautiful kitchen decoration than a functional cooking unit. The windows leak because no one told us that they're "fake" double-paned windows, not real ones. It's cold, it's drafty, our PG&E bills are astronomical even though it's been insulated to the gills.

But then, round about now, spring comes. That day when we first saw our house was in May of 2005. It was spring. And it was the most beautiful house I'd ever seen in my life. Each year, when spring rolls around, I find myself pulling into the driveway and marveling that I live here. And then I whip out my camera and take the exact same pictures I took last year of all the same flowers and trees.

Well, this year, I planted some new flowers. Every year, the back yard is awash in forget-me-nots, so I decided to throw some tulips in there this year and see how it worked out. I need to plant more next year, but I'd call this experiment a success.
I'm looking forward to seeing this display again this year too, but we're not quite there yet...
Ah, Spring!

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mommieN. said...

Wow, you figured it out. You very astutely pinpointed why I so don't like my house these days. That does it. I'm hiring landscape maintenance, husband's long face notwithstanding (really honey, don't take it as a personal failure....well, ok, *do*). Maybe with all the weeds cleared, I can find a place for some forget-me-nots. Who wouldn't be cheered by all those lovely colorful flowers?