Sunday, April 13, 2008

The pool comes out

It's HOT! I mean, it's not hot like August, but it's April for goodness sake. The temperature should not be flirting with 90. It's a welcome break from the very cold spring we were having a week ago though.

Mam is likely to ask if she can "play in the water" at any ol' time of year, particularly, but not necessarily, if she's sitting in the sun in the car. Today was the first time in months that she actually got her way on this matter. Not that she doesn't get her way in almost every other area, of course.

Today, Daddy dragged out the pool and I helped the kids into their swimsuits for the first time of the season. They splashed while we gardened. And so it begins...

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Calibelle said...

What beautiful little monkeys you make.