Thursday, April 3, 2008

A hobby just isn't a hobby without Michael's

Seriously. If you haven't spent at least $50 at Michael's for it, can you really call it a hobby...or at least a crafty hobby? (I know I can spend far more than that at REI, for instance.)

During our last letterboxing trip, I ran across a comment from a person by the trail name Wascally Wabbit. The comment sounded seriously dismayed that there weren't more hand-carved stamps in the log book. His/hers is naturally hand carved and pretty cool. It always sounded like a lot of trouble to me. I can buy something way cooler than I could possibly carve. But have you priced rubber stamps lately? Yikes! If you're going to hide letterboxes...especially those likely to disappear, like our second one...I'm thinking a cheaper alternative is a must!

So, yesterday's trip to Michael's was in search of things I could use to carve an eraser into a cool rubber stamp. Eraser? Check. Exact-o knife? Check. Uh, that's really it. I don't know how my bill got so big. Must've been all that other crap in my basket.

Last night, I searched for some clipart and other things I could use as a template for a stamp. I wanted to carve a heron because I've got plans to put a letterbox where we often see a great blue heron hanging out. So, here goes...
Hey, not bad, if I do say so myself! So I tried an easier one. This time it was the all-seeing "Eye of Horus". Wow. This is so easy, I should probably never go to Michael's again...except to buy erasers and replacement knife blades!


Anonymous said...

That is so COOL! Great job. You say it's easy, huh?

Queen Bee said...

Really, really cool! Good job!