Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy and Not at All Hollow

Smunch didn't have school today because the church that houses his preschool has a big rummage sale at this time of year and they deem it necessary to *close* the school for this event. I won't go into my opinion of "rummage sale day" being a school holiday. Suffice to say, he had the day off and I had some free tickets to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo. The weather was beautiful and I've been working a lot, so it seemed high time to get out with the kids to do something relaxing and fun. We had a great time.

I learned some things too. There's a lot of freedom in doing something like this by myself, without a friend and more kids. My kids get to do whatever they want, provided they can agree with each other. We can have lunch or treats whenever we want without worrying what someone else would like to do and we can leave at the first sign of a meltdown...or at least shortly thereafter (oops).

I haven't gotten in one of those photo booths since high school, but after a fun day at the park, it seemed like just the right thing to commemorate a really fun day.

Speaking of commemorating things, here (on the left) is a photo of Smunch during his first visit to Happy Hollow in May 2003. He was just about 15 months old and we were there celebrating his discharge from the NICU a year earlier. On the right is Smunch, riding the same snail today...almost exactly 4 years later. I don't imagine he'll want to go to Happy Hollow anymore in another 4 years. I guess I should get as much mileage out of this as I can before he outgrows the pink and blue snail!

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