Tuesday, May 1, 2007

School photos are here!

Well, that sounds awfully exciting, doesn't it? I finally get to see the product of much screaming and crying on a morning a few weeks ago. It wasn't any trouble to get Mam into her sweet little purple dress, but that hair is always a battle. She wouldn't let me put it up that week. It was a "barette only" week. Mam gets to school at 9am. Pictures were scheduled for her class at 11:15. You can imagine just how much hope I held out for that measly little barrette. None.

And I was right to hold so little hope. The only reaction I have for this photo is something like. You want me to pay $31 for WHAT??? Tell me. Does she look like a giant dose of Miralax might help with her facial expression? Maybe. And it wasn't even a Miralax kind of day.

Nope. Can't find anything redeeming in this photo. The dress looks nice, I guess. I've never had to send back the entire packet of photos without purchasing a single one. There's a first time for everything.

Now, we recently got photos of Smunch too. He had photos taken for Little League. They took a whole bunch of shots. I had the impression they were going to put them online and let us pick the best pose, but I guess they did it for us because they arrived...the whole package of a single pose...with no digital announcement whatsoever.

He still looks like a pretty cute All-American kinda kid, but do you get the impression the photographer said, "O.K. everyone. Give us a really half-hearted 'Cheese!'" Fortunately, in this small format, you can't tell what awful teeth my poor kid has! The larger version is a little disheartening. I almost can't wait for his baby teeth to start falling out. The permanent ones are supposed to be fine.

Looks like you'll find us at Sears Portrait Studio this summer...with our fingers crossed for something...anything...better than this!

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Queen Bee said...

Okay, they could be worse. Your kids are much cuter in person - but aren't most kids? It's ridiculous that Mam's school doesn't do the pictures first thing! At big boy's school, they have all the kids arrive early that morning and do the pictures first thing. It's great for control freak Moms like me who want to fix every strand of hair before the monumental "click" of the camera! You know, the best pictures are the ones we take ourselves anyway.