Friday, June 11, 2010

Baseball Therapy

As promised, I skipped writing a post about the last game of Smunch's first baseball tournament. It wasn't actually that dismal of a game. It was the best of the bunch and lasted more than an hour. But the final outcome was the same, more or less. The Thunder lost 18-8, by the mercy rule, again.

But that meant we had Memorial Day free. And what better way to forget all your baseball woes than to dress up...and remind yourself that even the highly-paid pros lose.

Of course, it might've been better if this guy hadn't been on the losing end.It's been a rough several outings for Timmy lately. And this guy, Ubaldo Jimenez of the Colorado Rockies, now 12-1 and the heir apparent to Timmy's Cy Young domination,...wasn't really what he needed to get his mojo back.

But a day at the ballpark, complete with hotdogs and Dibs for both Mam and Smunch, had the Ryders back on track at least!

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