Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baseball Camping and Team #4

This is the kids' first week of camp for the summer. They're in two camps each this year, so the next week of camp will also be their last week. I decided to go easy on the schedule this year after our camp/vacation marathon last year. This week, Mam is going to half-day cooking camp in one direction while Smunch is in full-day baseball camp in the other.

Think this is too much pressure?Nah! This baseball camp has a really good reputation, so I enrolled Smunch this year. At the end of last year's week of baseball camp (a different camp) Smunch never wanted to go back, but I talked him into this one...and he's having a blast.

Having spent so much time on the baseball diamond already this year, Smunch knows enough other kids who love baseball that he already knew a couple of the kids there (thankfully) and they make a cute little bunch that sits together every morning.They spend their mornings learning baseball skills and then spend their afternoons on teams, playing ball. Smunch is on the Mets and although he got separated from most of the other boys, he's still with one he knows. And it turns out he's happy with that.

'Cause the other boys ended up playing for the Dodgers.

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Barrett, Melinda, & Angel Trinity Adams said...

All of the sudden I've become a "Mets" fan!!! GO METS!!!!