Friday, June 11, 2010

My Author

In both first and second grades at my kids' school, a big component of the curriculum is something called "Writer's Workshop". It's a writing program that goes on throughout the year. This year, Smunch's class had it on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the teacher requested four parent volunteers for each day. I was there at least every other week. The program concludes at the end of the year with an Author's Breakfast where parents bring in food and each of the kids reads his or her favorite piece of work to an audience.

I'm always a little nervous for Smunch. His speech has been poor of late and his ability to organize and write a story's probably second-grade appropriate, but it's not excellent. I ended up working with Smunch much of the time I was in the classroom because I realized that he was never asking for help from anyone else and needed it.

Still, he's always proud of his work and despite the stutter, I think he enjoys being the center of attention for a little while.It was hardly a flawless reading. He had trouble speaking, even though reading is usually easier than speaking off the cuff for him. In his previous presentations to the class, I noticed some stuttering, but it wasn't very noticeable unless you listened for it. This time, it was very obvious. But he didn't stop, didn't give up. He made it through his about two boys who find a pirate ship on the beach and go home with pockets full of gold...and was proud of himself.And I was proud of him too!