Friday, December 14, 2007

Sears and A & E Factory Service, the ongoing saga

Particularly at this time of year, it's really exciting when the UPS guy drops a package this size on your front porch. What could it be??? It's huge, it must be really terrific. But no. It's not.

This package arrived last night. It was after dark and I didn't even see the UPS driver. I just yelled "thanks!" out into the dark in the direction of a large, idling motor. Then I actually took at look at the box...and all that came to mind was a string of expletives and related jargon that I get from the Fake Steve blog...because I'm such an avid reader of business-related non-fiction. Things like "frigtards" and "WTF".

As you may recall, we had a really awful experience with Sears and their A & E Factory Service last week. The end of that saga was that I looked up several other appliance repair places, Daddy called one, they came out that day and fixed our washer. Meanwhile, I filed a complaint with the BBB against A & E, asking for our money back. I hate them. Really. I wish I could do more to black ball them.

See that little package on top of the big giant box? That arrived the night before last. It's a fabric-y "tub belt" for a Maytag dryer, sent from A & E Factory Service. It was pretty lame they'd send us such a thing. But the box? That takes the cake. It's the entire tumbler assembly for said Maytag dryer. From the same frigtards, of course.

A) It was our washer that broke B) We never ordered any parts for it C) Our washer is a Kenmore (aka Whirlpool) D) Who are these people who can't manage to get out here to fix our washer after they broke it, but can send us large, useless parts for a dryer we don't own???

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