Monday, December 17, 2007

Human contact

Hopefully, this is one of the last in the series on my experience with Sears and A & E Factory Service. I mean, we've all had enough, haven't we? When I last mentioned this little experience, a tumbler assembly for a drier had just landed on our porch. It's still there.

In a surprise move, I got a phone call today from a very nice woman named Tracy, who said she was with Sears and had read our BBB complaint several times. She offered to send me the $190 we had to spend to have the washer re-repaired by another party. I took her up on that pretty quickly. I'd asked for that, plus the cost of labor on the original repair, but figured I wasn't likely to get all that. I'm happy with having the real repair covered. That's probably the refund that made the most sense. 

But, I said, we now have another problem. We keep having these dryer parts delivered to us. Someone was supposed to pick them up, but it hasn't happened. Naturally, she had no record of this incident at all, but gave me her direct line, told me nothing was likely to happen before Christmas, but if I gave her a call after the holiday, she would make sure UPS comes out to pick it up. Hmmm...after the holiday, huh?

So, I have a lovely porch (aside from the mess the painters left on the slate), festooned with icicle lights and poinsettias...and a giant 3.5' x 3.5' box of dryer parts. Ho ho ho.

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