Friday, December 7, 2007

Do NOT have Sears or their A & E Factory Service Repair your Appliances

More on this later. Right now, I just need to have an online temper tantrum. My washer started leaking a little last week. Daddy called Sears Repair for service. They couldn't come out until Thursday (almost a week), so I lived with it, catching the leaking water in a pan. The repair guy came yesterday. I have no real complaints about him, except that after he left, Daddy ran a load of laundry and water FLOODED our laundry room. Obviously the repair made the problem worse.

Now, I have a toddler who has totally regressed on potty training, including a gigantic poop in her pull-up this morning that nuked her pajamas and I have NO washer. And A & E Factory Service...the subsidiary of Sears that does appliance completely unresponsive. Their reps first lied to my husband last night, telling him they could help when the office was actually closed, the next one said the office was closed and she couldn't do anything. The one this morning said they can come out in a WEEK. You can believe I'm pissed.

Lesson learned. Do your online research before calling these guys. They have a *terrible* reputation and appear to go out of their way to avoid any meaningful customer service.

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