Sunday, December 30, 2007


Another random post from before the real holiday. Several years back, I went to a little class in a friend's home on how to make truffles. Turns out, it's not so least not the way I was taught. Probably not the classiest truffles in the world, but fun and impressive-looking nonetheless.

So, this year, I decided to make chocolates for all of the kids' teachers and speech therapists. I did dark chocolate filled with mint creme. I did swirled milk and white cholocate filled with cappucchino creme. I did dark chocolate with marshmallow and raspberry filling, white chocolate with bittersweet chocolate creme, milk chocolate with butterscotch creme, swirled milk chocolate and peanut butter chocolate with peanut butter creme, milk chocolates with caramel (homemade by Daddy), and big heart-shaped dark chocolates with caramel and marshmallow.

I bought cute little boxes and those little paper cups for candies. I got Christmas stickers for decorating and metallic, elastic bows for securing the more regular shaped boxes. I printed out guides to the candies and their flavors, cut them out, pasted them on high-quality red backing paper. And completely forgot to take a single photo of the finished product!

That means you'll just have to believe me when I say they were super cute and that more than one person said "You made these?" with a tone of disbelief. So, all I've got is these photos Daddy took of me while I was in the initial stages of making these teacher-destined chocolates. I didn't appreciate the camera much at the time, but hey, it's the only way I know it happened. The extras are already long gone...

Oh yeah, I made some really cute Christmas cookies this year too, but forgot to take any photos of those before distributing to the neighbors. They looked something these cookies I made last year:


Queen Bee said...

You are truly the pastries...and now candies....MASTER!!! You're awesome. Cookies - adorable. I am just a *tad* mad at your for forgetting to take a picture of your truffles though. :)

they call me mama said...

You and Lacy, the "I can not only make food edible, but pretty too" people. I am totally mystified by you both.

MommaWriter said...

It's actually a form of insanity. If you feel the need to make a piece of art out of something that ultimately gets eaten, what does that say about you? I mean, it's not like it makes your poop pretty or anything! (Well, O.K., that might depend on the amount of unnatural colors used and your definition of "pretty")