Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Well, maybe not so many strikes really, but a big, big change has finally happened this year in PONY baseball. The boys are starting to pitch! And Smunch appears to be one of the go-to pitchers for the Giants. It's not all that surprising really, considering that he spends every free moment "air pitching" (think air guitar, only for baseball). Still, he's kind of a little guy. It's a real effort just to throw it hard enough to get it across the plate. Forget actually aiming it at the plate at the same time!The kids pitch to their own teammates, presumably to keep the injuries in the family rather than injuring children from other schools. A good number of batters are hit by pitches. They don't even get to take a base for their pains. Fortunately, by Smunch's second outing he was pitching well enough that a couple of batters actually hit the ball. And that's kinda what it's all about at this level.

And Smunch? Well, he loves to be out there in the limelight, as you might imagine. I suspect he tries to imagine he's Timmy pitching in the World Series or something fantastical like that. He's always jazzed when he comes off the mound. My funny, yet deadly serious, little guy.


Scott said...

Deadly does not even come close to the seriousness that the Smunch has for pitching. NOT even close

Barrett, Melinda, & Angel Trinity Adams said...

I just got caught up on your blog. First thing, Happy Belated Easter...looks like you guys had fun dying the eggs, hunting for eggs, eating candy, and everything else. Plus, I'm amazed at how big your babies are getting. They look so grown up, especially your little man pitching! That's awesome!