Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Other Batter

Based on blog posts alone, you might think there's only one kid playing sports in our family this Spring, but that's far from the truth. Mam wields a pretty mean bat as well.Although Mam doesn't really seem to have the same kind of enthusiasm for softball as she did for soccer and basketball, she's still her feisty little self. And she still has a big brother who loves baseball like nothing else, so she's got a little bit of a leg up on many of the other girls.What you can't tell is that she flings the bat right at that coach behind her as soon as she hits the ball. I think he's got it figured out so that he doesn't get injured at least. Because that's gonna be a nasty injury if he doesn't get out of the way!

The funny thing is, you can't really tell that this isn't her favorite sport. She likes to go for the ball, no matter whose it really is and she runs like someone might actually tag her out...even though that's not even allowed in 6U softball.

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