Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Gosh, what didn't happen a couple of weeks ago? The weekend before last, Smunch had his first game with the Thunder, his "club" team. They played a team put together from some of the best players from all the teams at their level. And it was a pretty even match. Smunch did well.It was so much different than his games with the Giants. The boys paid attention, by and large. They could throw, they could catch and they had a clue what they were doing.Smunch is better too, when the kids around him are really into the game. His sister, I might add, was not into the game.Mam was bored. As usual. If there are no hot dogs, baseball is hardly worth her while. Don't know why she didn't run off to the playground on this particular day. But she sat there and scowled instead, although the scowling was mostly for the camera.There won't be a whole lot of these games this year, so I'm trying to appreciate each one, no matter that they're long and Mam's bored and I'm cold. Because really, if this kind of enthusiasm doesn't warm you up just a little, what will?

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