Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

It was sort of an abreviated Easter this year. We usually manage to go to a community egg hunt or two and extend the holiday into an entire week or so. This year, either softball or baseball got in the way for all three of the potential hunts we might have attended, so we didn't go to any of them. But Aunt Karen and her family arrived, so that made the holiday extra festive anyway.

For instance, the presence of SPENCER! meant that we made the time to actually dye eggs this year.And Easter morning was at least 30 percent more fun with an extra kid around. I love the part of Easter where the kids are in their jammies looking out the window to see how many eggs they can find without going outside at all. So cute.And then they investigate the Easter baskets that were left on the though they'd just discovered them. They're counting each and every item, of course.At some point, they actually bothered to get dressed and go out to pick up all those eggs in the yard. SPENCER! didn't necessarily appreciate that part so much. His cousins are bigger and faster. Funny. I remember the days when my kids were the ones who got frustrated and went home empty handed. Fortunately, SPENCER! was far from empty-handed, at least!Somehow it never seems to matter how many eggs are out there. They're all scooped up in what seems like an instant. And that's just as well really. It was a cold Easter morning this year and coming in for coffee, sweet rolls, eggs and bacon was just the ticket we were all looking for!

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