Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trophy Day

Today was crazy. I hate those days when Daddy and I have to "divide and conquer" just to get to all the activities we need to get to, but today was definitely one of those days.

It began with the opening ceremonies for Mam's softball league. Although I knew this would be a dismal affair, as the team manager, I felt like I had to be there, so I was. It was cold and damp, but sunny.Although she was dry, Mam was cold and not nearly as sunny as she looked in this photo. She declared the proceedings "boring". And yeah, they kinda were. I could have saved myself some gas, but at least I felt like I did my duty.

Mam's basketball team was celebrating their last game today with a pizza party at 1:30, but that got nixed when we drew a 1:30 softball game for opening day. Mam was peeved, to say the least. She would rather have had pizza with her old team than played with her new team. But again, I'm the manager. I felt like I needed to be there. So, we were committed. Somewhere in all this scheduling craziness, Smunch decided (after I foolishly mentioned it to him) that he wanted to compete in his first chess tournament today. And Mam's last basketball game was at 3. *sigh* Yes. It can be done. But gosh, how silly it is that basketball and softball even overlap!

So, Daddy took off with the Smunch around 11. The tournament was in the nearest large city, so it was a little ways away. Daddy sent me updates from his iPhone until Mam and I had to go. At least I was reassured that neither of the scenarios I'd feared were going to happen. The first would have been that Smunch was so completely overmatched that he couldn't win a single game. He was winning his warm-up games, so I wasn't too worried that he wouldn't win any. My second fear was that it would be just a few kids and Smunch would beat them all and his tiny little ego would become unbearable. That didn't happen either. There were 23 kids in the "egg" (beginner) category with him. No chance he was going to steamroll them all. Still, Daddy conveyed that Smunch's first opponent, a little girl not much older than Mam, was reduced to tears when she lost. I'm told that Gavin was gracious in winning and even complimented her on playing well. Can't ask for much more than that.Back on the home front...Last Fall, Mam sported little ponytails for soccer. She's been wearing one big ponytail or a single tiny one for basketball. New sport? New hairdo.Cute, huh?

Mam and I went to softball, which was hysterical really. Our team, The Unicorns (naturally, since unicorns are often grey and red), had never actually played outdoors on a field. Our two practices to date have been rained out, so we played in the multipurpose room. It was nice to finally be out in the sun, but having to play another team at the same time may have been a bit much to ask!I have no doubt that in the coming weeks there will be a lot of work done on running after hitting the ball, throwing to first base, and not creating a dogpile of girls in the infield every time a ball is hit. Considering how much progress Mam's basketball team made this season, I'm sure there is hope here.

We accidentally cut our softball game short due to some misunderstandings about the rules of play, but that suited me just fine. We went back to the mommymobile and dressed Mam for her next game...getting to the Y just in time to appreciate the ice cream social in the courtyard. Mam appreciated it quite a lot, which accounted for her blue tongue and lips during the game.

When other members of her team arrived, Mam was given the trophy and certificate that all the other girls got at the pizza party. It made me a little sad, especially since there was no ceremony to go with it.Then again, another trophy is just what my house needs, right? Hey, but check this out...AirMam!The game today was kind of a bummer of an ending to a really great season. The girls on the opposing team were tall! I suspect they were mostly first graders, where our team was mostly kindergartners. In the last quarter, Mam (#8) was assigned to cover the other team's #8.I wish I could describe just how funny it was. I've never seen my little girl look quite so much like a gnat. Her opponent took it all in good stride. She seemed like a nice girl, who was slightly amused/slightly annoyed at the little munchkin guarding her with gusto.For Mam's part, she could barely reach the top of the girl's head with her fingertips, much less guard against her shooting.

The game ended with little fanfare, but somewhere near the beginning of the game, Smunch had called me with the results of his tournament. I couldn't hear him very well, between the bad connection and the noise of the basketball gym, but I heard him say he won second place and he had a trophy.Daddy and Smunch arrived at the game before halftime and Smunch was absolutely elated. He made Daddy show me the picture above right away. When we got home, he called his grandparents in San Diego and talked to Aunt Karen. If it weren't so darned pointy, I'm sure his trophy would be under his pillow right now.I may not need more trophies in the house, but this one is different. All the rest are for "participating". This one was truly earned. He won seven games, lost one and had one draw. Daddy said Smunch was polite, poised, worked hard and refused to give up, even when things weren't going his way. He found a way to turn things around more than once. He was as gracious in losing and coming to a draw as he was in winning. He earned this trophy...big time.


Cammi said...

I looooove that Smunch is a good sport. Can he give C some pointers in that area?!

You're such a good mom to come up with these great ideas - a chess tournament for kids? FUN!

Mam looks darling in her double braids. I feel for her with the softball - it's going to be a lot of LONG Saturdays. Lance is the assistant coach so we're obligated to participate in everything, too. Ugh. I need to have a better attitude!

I think you deserve a "couch day" tomorrow after your wild weekend!

mommieN. said...

Love that last paragraph about Smunch. Absolutely, GOOD FOR HIM. I think kids mostly want to "win" and tolerate that grownup noise about sportsmanship being important, but I bet Smunch could be one of the few who really believes it! AND, good for him in sticking to it, being determined and resourceful. Those are the best qualities. Congratulations on his first earned trophy!

Barrett, Melinda, & Angel Trinity Adams said...

This is your own definition of "MARCH MADDNESS" huh? I love the trophy! I love the new hair do! I love how he's totally into chess! I love how big they are both getting!!!! I love following your blog!!!