Saturday, March 13, 2010


Late last week, the kids had their Spring Sing at school...or more precisely, the kindergartners through third graders at their school had a concert at the local junior high school. It's a big least parking and finding a seat in the big auditorium is a big deal. This shindig is always standing room only. Usually, that's painful for us. Because we never get there early enough, despite being early. And, in the past, we always had a very impatient Mam to tend during the performance. But wait!...Where is Mam? Isn't that her, up there...singing??What do you know? That is her. We have a kindergartner and life just got a tad bit easier. Well, at least this concert got easier, even if there's just one year left of that easiness.

As is always the case when reviewing one's own child in a performance, it was adorable. The kindergartners and the second graders were the best and the show wasn't too long at all. Even Smunch was looking pretty happy up there... And, as is also always the case, you do not want to see videos of this event if you were not there. You know you don't. So, I'm not posting any, although I've got plenty. If you've really got to see one of my kids perform on stage, I'd be happy to send you a video or two. But then, please do visit your psychologist first. You may have a problem.

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