Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Glasses

It's been just over a year since Mam picked out these pointy little purple number with the heart cutouts in the corners.Honestly, I never really liked them a whole lot, although I got used to them. Mam fell in love with them at the optic shop and I figured that she was really the one who had to wear them. She might as well get her choice. She loved the purple. She loved the hearts. And for a change, a year out, they're not particularly trashed. They're still in pretty good shape.

But when I had to have the lenses changed in these glasses during the Christmas holidays, she had to wear her electric blue Rec Specs to school for a couple of weeks. I could live with that, but they sure aren't pretty. Now that our insurance would pay for a new pair, I decided it was time that she got to pick out something different..and we'd have the purple ones as a backup.

The process was so similar to the last time we picked out glasses, that it's almost comical. Yet again, she fell in love with one pair of frames. And again, I wasn't that thrilled with them. In ways, I like them better than the old ones.I like the color of the frames themselves and the shape is good on her, but the white ear pieces are more stand-outish than I'd like. I'm just about used to them. And really, who could deny the little girl the flowers she loved?

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