Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thank You Celery

Despite my obsession with cake decorating, I don't consider myself one of the more crafty moms around. And when it came time for Mam to write the Thank You cards for her birthday gifts, I didn't have any creative ideas. She'd been given a set of stamps with some ink, so that seemed like a logical choice. She made one or two cards with some cardstock I had lying around. They weren't...uh...pretty. Really.

And I had a hard time getting her to make any more of them. Until I randomly came up with this...

A couple of days after the initial cards were made, I was cutting up some celery in the kitchen. First, I cut off the bottom of the bunch. Huh, funny how it kind of looks like a rose when all the stalks are gone. I showed it to Mam and immediately realized this was the perfect least when combined with some red paint.And eight Thank You cards were stamped out just like that. Somehow, writing on the back of them even came easier once Mam decided she loved this project. Of course, that means I love it too!

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