Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today's Offering

So, I finished my cake decorating class, but why stop there? It's hard to impress anyone in my family with a cake anymore, so I have to foist them on a hungry blogsphere instead. This one looked lovely, but there were no gasps of admiration...except for those from our dinner guests who probably went overboard in their compliments. They're automatically forgiven for that because they took some cake home with them.It turns out that while whipped chocolate ganache makes a scrumptious filling for cake, it makes a seriously unattractive frosting. And I'd meant to put the flowers in the middle since I wasn't going to write anything, but I totally spaced and put them on the side. Still, this turned out rather pretty, don't you think?

And, "they call me mama", I guess you're wishing you'd made good on your threat not to visit again, huh?

Who needs Whole Foods and Draegers anyway?

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Cammi said...

Your talent is amazing. The photos make my mouth water. I LOVE cake! Check out this blog... her cakes, cupcakes and cookies are amazing. i think she is relatively self - taught...a "natural" in the baking department and art department, obviously! i happened on her blog about a year ago and i love checking in to see all her creations.