Thursday, March 19, 2009

Potato Wars

When I picked Mam up at preschool on the afternoon of St. Patrick's Day, I was proudly presented with...a potato. I'm still not quite sure why she got a potato. None of the other kids left with a potato, but they were learning about Ireland and I guess Mam was the lucky winner of the potato. Nothing special. Just a plain ol' Russett potato. And, as children are wont to do, she absolutely treasured her prize for a day or so.

By the afternoon of the 18th, it had largely been forgotten, however.

Enter gigantic, fat house cat. Our beautiful, overly large pet cat, Skimble, kind of resembles a potato himself. Mind you, he makes an awfully large, 18 pound potato, but his general blobular nature is very potato-like. He's big. He's lazy. He's kinda roly-poly. Like a great, big spud.

And, on Wednesday afternoon, these two sort of irregularly shaped creatures met each other on the kitchen floor. Don't let this fool you...I don't think the potato was fooled by Skimble's faked nonchalance. Perhaps it thought its camouflage against our remarkably lovely tile floor spare its notice by the large blobby beast next to it.

Nope.After a few test bats at the potato, Skimble quickly recognized a kindred spirit and clearly there was LOVE.

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Queen Bee said...

Aww, that's so cute. I'm SUCH a sucker for big fat housecats!! I LOOOVE really big cats. He's a cutie. And he has a nice, new, starchy friend.