Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little Blog

When baseball season arrives and PONY league opening day is over, I always remember the very first blog post I ever wrote. It was titled "Opening Day" and I wrote it on Smunch's very first day of Little League, on March 18th, two years ago.

Smunch doesn't play in Little League anymore, since it turns out the boys at his school play in the PONY Baseball league instead. But yesterday was, again, Opening Day. And we were out on the ball field in the drizzle, watching Smunch start his third season of baseball.It's sort of strange to read now. Smunch had just turned 5. Yesterday, Mam had just turned 5. It didn't even cross my mind to ask if she wanted to sign up for softball (or baseball). Next year, I guess.

Interestingly, all the TV shows I referenced in that post are still on TV. We still watch them. But I don't do nearly as much paying work these days, so I don't find TV vegetation nearly so necessary. I still don't find my life particularly compelling, but I am enjoying it an awful lot. And I like to document particular moments on the blog...because I want to remember them, not because I think anyone else will be particularly interested.

Awww..and there's my little sweetie pie in his first baseball uniform. He was so small and it was so big. The current uniform seems that way too, but we retired those pants this year. They look fit for a leprechaun, definitely not a 7-year-old. Mam, yet again, was bored to tears by this year's Opening Day. And this time, Smunch's friend (mentioned in the original post) is not on his team, so Mam didn't have "her Sarah" to play with. Fortunately, there are plenty of other little siblings around and she made a new friend in one of the older sisters of a team member, so I think we'll live through yet another baseball season.

It's amazing how all the boys have improved in a year. They can actually catch the ball if they get a decent throw and they have a clue where to throw the ball once they've caught it. Well, sorta.I'm looking forward to it...and to revisiting Opening Day again next year...maybe with a little softball thrown in as well!

Happy birthday, little blog. Who knew you'd ever make it for two years?


Scott said...

Happy birthday little blog indeed. And, thanks again to your author for helping more than just herself remember some of the best things that happen (at least from some points of view) in a little town tucked away in Silicon Valley.

Anonymous said...

Look how BIG he is! Wow. Puts a little lump in the back of my throat.

Cammi said...

Go Cardinals!