Friday, January 2, 2009

Singing and Santa

After missing the annual Halloween Sing at Mam's school with the stomach flu, I was happier than usual to make it to her Holiday Sing this year. And the realization that this will be the last preschool Holiday Sing made it that much more momentous. Nevermind that they sang most of the same songs they sang last year. It's always well done and always very cute.

I can never really tell if Mam is singing or just making really exaggerated mouth movements to the words, but she's into it, at least.

The kids and their parents always gather for snacks in the classroom after the show. She was thrilled to get compliments from Daddy.But she was even more thrilled when Santa came to visit the classroom.She couldn't wait to get in line with the other kids to tell him how much she wanted a Mariposa Barbie.And so the holiday season really begins...


Queen Bee said...

She is just so cute! I spy with my little eye...a Gymboree outfit! Love it!

Cammi said...

Dang, she is cute! And the outfit?! I LOVE IT. Where do you find all her cute little dresses/skirts? I need to venture out of GAP more often for Sissie.