Saturday, January 3, 2009

Least and Last

I don't know exactly why I felt these two things warranted mentioning, but somehow I couldn't stop myself. This holiday season, we also attended two memorable shows with the kids. The first was a kid-friendly one-hour matinée performance of The Nutcracker.I'm no ballet critic. I've never taken a ballet class in my life, but I hated the way they'd abridged this version for kids. I guess all the essential plot points were there...girl has party with eccentric uncle, girl gets nutcracker, nutcracker comes to life, they fall in love...but there were no Sugar Plum Fairies. How can there be a Nutcracker with no Sugar Plum Fairy? In fact, most of the lovely dance numbers were cut. I guess that's just as well for the preschool set. The kids were fairly bored with the whole thing anyway. I tried not to let on that I was fairly bored too.

In a more exciting performance, we also got to attend a holiday party where their idol, Andy Z, performed.As you can see, they may not be so cultured that they enjoy ballet quite yet. In fact, they may never enjoy ballet much, but at least they know how to turn on the enthusiasm for the things they do appreciate!

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Christie said...

This version of the Nutcracker is just the first act. They aren't trying to condense it, they just don't show the whole thing. I took Kiersta this year and she loved it. Of course, she had asked for a Nutcracker from Santa after seeing The Wonderpets Save the Nutcracker. I'll try to take her to the full length version next year.