Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Main Event

We didn't just spent a ridiculous amount of time getting ready for Christmas this year...although it seems like it after the last several posts. We actually celebrated Christmas as well. My sister and her family, including SPENCER!, arrived on the 22nd and chaos pretty much reigned for a week after that, including on the big day itself.

The kids got up mercifully late...around 7am...but they sure were excited to check everything out. They ripped through their stockings so fast that I didn't even get a photo of that part. They had to wait until Gram and Grandpa arrived before they opened anything else. But the wait just made ripping into the presents that much sweeter.Mam got the much anticipated Mariposa Barbie from Santa and jumped up and down like a spring for many moments afterwards. She didn't seem to believe her good fortune.I can't believe she asked for a Barbie doll with big giant butterfly wings. But there you go. She also got her rainbow maker, which is a really neat little do-dad that has a rainbow-casting crystal that spins when driven by a solar-powered little motor, making rainbows twirl all around the room. She also got a new/used big girl bicycle, on which she immediately caught up with her big brother.Smunch got the money-counting bank he asked for and set straight to convincing it that he had put in $30.38, when it was more like $2.95.He also got a set of Snap Circuits that he already loves and a football to throw around with Daddy and Grandpa. Another of his favorite items was a framed photograph of Cal Ripken, Jr., his favorite baseball player next to Tim Lincecum. After all, Mr. Ripken was an Oriole and one of the most famous Orioles. Nuf said.Spencer was enamored with a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.He was so thrilled, in fact, that he didn't get to his "big gift" for a couple of hours. But as soon as he opened his own Razor scooter, he was off on the street with Mam, between rainy downpours.Finally, we all sat down for a scrumptious Christmas breakfast of well...scrumptious, not-at-all-healthy things. Then we sat around in calorie-induced comas while lazily watching the kids play with their new toys. Just what every Christmas should be like!

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