Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Big Day

Well, I thought it was a big day. We turned on the TV early to watch the presidential inauguration this morning. By the time Obama and Biden left the White House and got to the Capitol, Aretha Franklin sang and Joe Biden was sworn in, the kids were bored to tears. They squirmed, they whined. They left. I let them go.

But at some point, it crossed my mind that although they may not remember today, there's a chance they will...well, at least they might if they actually watched the inauguration...you know, if they were nailed to the floor and forced to watch. It's hard to communicate the import of such things to kids who really just want to go play with Legos or whatever. But if it wasn't important, what were all these people doing there?So, like a good mommy, I went and corralled said kids and insisted that they sit their bottoms down on the sofa and WATCH. They saw Obama sworn in as president...doubtlessly failing to notice their teary-eyed mother who couldn't even sit down. They heard his whole speech, although they probably understood little of it.I particularly appreciate President Obama's instruction to foreign leaders that their people will have greater appreciation for the things they build than the things they destroy. Mr. President, would you like to come to my house and explain that line to my first grader? He might listen if it came from you.

CNN had some kind of "inaugural album" where you can submit pictures of yourself or your family watching the proceedings. I'd like to submit mine, but I'm afraid the President wouldn't take the request above very seriously if he saw how seriously our children took his inauguration.

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Cammi said...

C looks adorable in her inaugural goggles outfit! Since we are on East Coast time now, the kids were at school. The school sent a note home last week to send everyone with a sack lunch because they were all going to eat early and then gather in the auditorium to watch the swearing in. They said it was fun but I'm guessing there was probably a lot of squirming going on!

I'm so glad you love Obama as much as I do and get teary and emotional over all of this stuff! Wasn't it great to hear him talking about our relationships with other nations? I hope all the changes come quickly! It's exciting!