Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tooth Fairy Envy

The other day, Daddy and I found that Mam had stolen Smunch's dollar bill from the Tooth Fairy and hidden it under her own pillow. It brought out a whole conversation about how it's wrong to take things that belong to other people. (This conversation was repeated with more force today when I discovered she'd pilfered six pencils from the Boy Scout store. I made her take them back. The nice, but misguided guy who runs the place gave her one for her "honesty"...she was so embarrassed that she wouldn't even say 'thank you'.)

"I'm never going to get anything from the Tooth Fairy!" Mam complained loudly.

"When you lose your teeth, you will get things from the Tooth Fairy too," we soothed.

And then came the bedtime conversation...

Mam: Mom can I talk to you for a minute about the Tooth Fairy?

Me: Uh, yes, Mam. What's up?

Mam: I need to tell you what I want her to bring. I don't want baseball cards.

Me: Oooh.K.

Mam: I want more ponies.

Me: Uh-huh.

Mam: And I want a Barbie.

Me: (sigh) Alright.

Mam: And I want my own CD player.

Me: You want music at night, like Smunch?

Mam: Yes. And I want a Hannah Montana CD.

Well, her knowledge of technology is a little outdated (Is that what you call an old soul?), but her taste in music is, well, just disturbing, frankly.

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