Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Day on the Farm

Unlike most of the classes at Mam's school, her "Innovative" class gets to go on a few field trips this year. Of course, it's a preschool, so that means that a whole bunch of parents have to go...to drive and herd cats. Last week, they went to a local working farm.

I'd been to this farm before, but I'd never been on one of their tours. Our tour guide, Erin, was everything you could possibly ask for in a tour guide for a bunch of preschoolers at an organic farm...cute, perky, granola-y, fun. The kids got to try several things from the garden - lettuce, apple, rhubarb, flowers - they each picked out a pumpkin to take home, went in with the goats and sheep, got to check for eggs and feed the chickens and got to scratch the back of a very appreciative pig.Although this trip messed with our daily schedule, since it was in the morning and Mam's class is usually in the afternoon, it was tons of fun. Who knew?

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Barrett, Mindy, and Angel Trinity Adams said...

Oh how cute! Trinnie always loved it when we went to visit animals...animals are fun to visit, pet, feed, and play with. I'm glad she had a super fun field trip with her pre-school class.